I’m a writer. I write. I have always written since the day I learnt how to thread words together, casting lines on and off with full stops and commas. Before that I was a storyteller. Sometimes I still am. 


Current Writing Projects 2019 – 

Short Stories: Four short stories loosely themed around animals and our connection with nature. This is exploratory writing with the aim of giving voice to the values and choices that are hugely important in my life now –  veganism, slow and conscious living and connection to nature.

NaNoWriMo Novel: I started a new project last November, partly to get away from my first novel and remember that I could write about something else. I loved writing without editing and although I didn’t make the 50k target, I’ve got a multi-narrator novel in the making that I care about, which is more than I thought I’d come out with.

On the shelf / in the drawer

My first novel Truth Like Water which I wrote and submitted as the creative project for my MPhil in Writing is currently shelved. The novel has been long-listed twice, once for the Bath Novel Award and later for the Mslexia Novel Award, but never made it to the shortlist. I was always in a hurry to get the novel finished and out into the world. Now, after some positive and constructive agent/editor feedback I can see clearly that I’ve only just begun the real work. It needs a re-write and I’m slowly building up to that. I’ve always been unsure if this book will be the one that will stay in the bottom drawer, it was cathartic and I cut my teeth on it in terms of process, yet I feel that the bones of something worth telling are there, I just need to start again…




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